The Aussie Beef, Lamb and Goat brand is used to build awareness and preference for Australian red meat amongst consumer and trade audiences in export markets.​

The brand is used globally and is recognised by consumers as a symbol of superiority. It reassures customers and end-users that they are choosing high quality meat products that they can trust.

What does the brand represent or stand for?

For more than 200 years, Australian farmers have been passing their knowledge down from generation to generation, creating a proud meat and livestock industry brimming with tradition. Our world-leading supply chain, together with the advantages of raising animals in an unspoiled environment, has underpinned Australia’s reputation for producing some of the highest quality beef, lamb and goatmeat.

What is the role of the brand?

As a category brand, the role of Aussie Beef, Lamb and Goat is to promote Australian red meat as a whole. It is designed to support and work in conjunction with individual commercial brands and their own points of difference (e.g. breed, feeding regime etc).

How can the brand help your business?

The Aussie Beef, Lamb and Goat brand is an endorsement. It represents what we do and how we do it; our history, provenance, commitment and passion. It provides your end-users with the reassurance that they are choosing a quality product that they can trust. The brand has been in market and continuously supported by MLA since 2014.

As such awareness of the brand continues to grow across all markets. The brand has a clear visual identity primarily through the logo but also via a suite of assets that are available for our licensees to use on their own promotional material.


Join the Aussie Beef, Lamb and Goat licensing program.

Holders of a licence are permitted to use the Aussie Beef, Lamb & Goat trade mark logo to underpin and promote their own Australian red meat brands in international markets.

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